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Einladung zum traditionellen Wintertreffen der 6mR Flotte am Bodensee

Download: Einladung PDF [ca. 100 kb]
Download: Plan PDF [ca. 250 kb]

Taiaut Z38

Taiaut Z38

Taiaut Z38

Taiaut Z38

Taiaut Z38

Restauration of Taiaut Z38
I am on the way to restore the Classic 6mJI Taiaut Z38.

The boat is in the yard of Josef Martin in Radolfzell, Lake of Constance.

Please let me know if you have or you know of an appropriate second-hand mast/rig and/or sails to equip Taiaut.

I would like to finish the boat for the Europeans 2016 in Brunnen.

Thank you very much and best regards.

Dr. Daniel C. Heine

Managing Director Private Debt & Private Equity
Route de la Chocolatière 21
1026 Echandens/Lausanne

Tel +41 58 787 00 00, Direct -23
Fax: +41 58 787 00 01
Mobile +41 78 888 53 11



Philippe Dürr, le géant tranquille du lac Léman

Download: Philippe Dürr (PDF) [ca. 3.2 mb]


Classic Six-Metre Newsletter No. 15; Thilo Durach & others, April 2013

Download: Classic News No 15 (PDF) [ca. 2.4 mb]


1912-2012 Olympic centenary regatta celebrations in Stockholm
Download: Report from The Daily Sail PDF [ca. 600 kb]


Robbe & Berking Classic Calendar 2012

Dear friends

Enclosed please find the new Robbe & Berking Classics calendar 2012.
The calendar can be ordered from now on for the unchanged price of 29,00 Euro plus postal charge.

Best regards, Oliver

Oliver Berking
Robbe & Berking
Zur Bleiche 47
D 24941 Flensburg

Tel.: +49(0)461 90 30 60
Fax: +49(0)461 90 30 622

Download: Robbe & Berking Classic Calendar 2012 Classic News No 12 (PDF) [ca. 6.9 mb]


ISMA President Tim Street proudly presents his re-launched 6mJI ABU


Classic Six-Metre Newsletter No. 14; Basil Carmody & Fredrich Dahlman, March, 2009

Download: Classic News No 12 (PDF) [ca. 5.6 mb]


Classic Six-Metre Newsletter No. 13; Basil Carmody & Fredrich Dahlman, March, 2008

Download: Classic News No 12 (PDF) [ca. 3.2 mb]


The 100 years jubilee book: “The 6 Metre - 100 years of racing”

“The 6 Metre – 100 years of racing” – this book has been prepared by Pekka Barck and Tim Street and since January 2007 supported by Olin Stephens, Ian Howlett, Basil Carmody, Matt Cockburn, Philippe Goetz and tens of other contributors. The rule and development of the class, all major trophies, country specific stories, designers, statistics, tables and some yachts are presented in the 300-page, 4 pound coffee-table book having all you need to know and much more about the Six-Metre class. All this is salted with tens of anecdotes and hundreds of pictures by Patricia Lascabannes from France, Beken & Sons from UK, Abel from Norway, Bertil Norberg from Sweden, Edwin Lewick from USA, Katrin Storsberg from Germany, Gilles Favez from Switzerland and many others.

Most of the work is now done and the book will be printed in September and published in October. We are still waiting for the last chapters and preparing for a wrap-up.

There will be two different editions of the book:
1) A numbered and hand made collector’s edition in leather, only as advanced order 120 €
2) The normal edition, retail price will be over 60 €

As a special offer to ISMA sailors the normal edition is offered for € 50 per copy and a maximum of 20 € for delivery costs globally per book for mail delivery as oversized economy letter.

If you have people interested, please submit advanced orders to webshop@litorale.fi and the offer is valid until end of August 2007.

If you have any questions related to the book, do not hesitate to contact me at: pekka.barck@kolumbus.fi.

Please specify in your email the following information:
- the name of the book
- edition type
- your address information and
- email address as payment instructions will be delivered later.

Best Regards,
Pekka Barck

More information at: www.litorale.fi/6metre


The DVD "The International Rule" by Tom Nitsch Yachting Collection

The DVD The International Rule by Tom Nitsch Yachting Collection ©2006 is an excellent presentation of the International Metre Rule from the early beginning to the newest developments. David Elliott (david.elliott@theyachtingstudio.com) contacted ISMA and proposed this DVD. We have looked at it and find that the 55minutes comments, excellent film sequences and photographs are worthwile to look at more than once. Olin Stephens, Dough Peterson, Juliane Hempel and a lot of other insider make interesting comments to the development of the Metre Rule from 1906 until doday. In case of interest contact David Elliott or www.tom-nitsch-images.de. Please see other DVD’s of his production.

Download: 2nd Cover [JPEG, ca. 52 kb]


The metre shed, the winning choice for your Six Metre in 2007

Download: Classic News No 12 (PDF) [ca. 101 kb]


Kalender 2008

Download: Classic News No 12 (PDF) [ca. 1'500 kb]


Classic Six-Metre Newsletter No. 12; Basil Carmody, March, 2007

Download: Classic News No 12 (PDF) [ca. 1'012 kb]


Classic Six-Metre Newsletter No. 11; Tim Street, December 19th, 2005

Download: Classic News No 10 (MS Word) [ca. 132 kb]


1st Modern 6mJI newsletter; Tim Street, December 13th, 2005

Download: Classic News No 10 (MS Word) [ca. 61 kb]


Modern 6mJI yacht list; Tim Street, December 13th, 2005

Download: Classic News No 10 (MS Word) [ca. 167 kb]


Classic 6mJI notes 10a; Tim Street, November 2005

Download: Classic News No 10 (MS Word) [ca. 32 kb]


Sun Ray 6 DEN 64

Sun Ray 6 DEN 64


Sun Ray: The first 6 meter built to old drawings since 1965

Copenhagen Denmark

Oh what a day...............

For the first time in more than 40 years a classic 6 meter sees the daylight. It's a very speciel day for me and I'm proud of the boat.

Next thing to do is to install all the metal frames, connect them to the oak keel, and then the lead keel goes on. All the inside metalwork is on the way and is designed for the boat. The deck fitting will be polished.

It's really as good as it gets.

More information at www.sinkadus.dk


Classic News No 10 / January 2005

Download: Classic News No 10 (MS Word) [ca. 1 mb]


6 ISMA Bulletin 2004 - Publicité - Advertisement - Werbung

Download: Infos on advertisement in 6. ISMA Bulletin 2004 (MS Word) [52 kb]

The trailer 30.01.2004

Road-Trailer for 6mJI / 8mJI to hire



Classic News No 9 / January 2004

Download: Classic Members No 9 (MS Word) [140 kb]