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www.6meuropeans14.com 2014 6mJI Europeans
www.fsc.de Organizer of the 2013 6mJI World Cup
www.rv-brunnen.ch Organizer of the 2016 Swiss- and European 6mJI Championships
www.6metreworldcup.com WM 2009
www.classic6mr.info The Classic Newsletter Site
www.metreyacht.com Professional Metre Yacht Service
www.ycro.ch Yacht Club Romanshorn
www.finckh.org Regatta rules. A very worthwile site: The editorial team knows no better animated explanation of the regatta rules.
www.6mr.de German 6mr association
www.6mr.fr Association 6mJI en France
www.6mr.fi Finish 6mr association
www.6mr.se Swedish 6mr association
www.6mrNorthAmerica.com North American 6mr association
www.6mr.dk Danish 6mr association
www.kdy.dk Royal Danish Yacht Club
www.6mr.org.uk British 6mr association
www.rys.org.uk Royal Yacht Squadron: World Cup 2007
www.puuvene.net/Antinea/ 6mJI Classic von/de 1928
www.ycpr.it Yacht Club Porto Rotondo
www.nautique.org Société Nautique de Genève
www.swiss-sailing.ch Swiss Sailing (Schweizerischer Segelverband)
swiss-sailing.fastforward.ch/ 6mr regatta calendar by Swiss Sailing
www.kyc-konstanz.de Website vom Konstanzer-Yacht-Club e.V.
www.theyachtingstudio.com Books, DVD, products around Metre and Classic Yachts
www.6metre.nl 6mR Zephyr NED 28
www. 6mrvancouver.com TEAM 6mR VANCOUVER, Pacific Northwest 6 Meter Rule Racing
www.snt-voile.org Organizer of the 2015 6mJI WorldCup
6mr-lillevi.org Lillevi GER 68

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